Frequently asked questions

"Do I need a lot of followers to become an Opulëncė ambassador?"

Your follower count doesnt matter, but your follower count to likes ratio does matter. Having 100k followers ia great but your posts only get 300 likes... this is not ideal for an Opulëncė ambassador. Now if you had 5,000 followers with 1,200 likes on average, that would be someone that we'd consider for our ambassador roles.

"How will I know If I've been chosen to be an Opulëncė ambassador?"

You will be contacted via email or postal mail with further details about our ambassador program.

"Do I have to return the items I'm sent as a part of the ambassador program?"

No. All item sent to you as part of the ambassador program agreement are for you to keep.

"Do I have to pay for the items I want first?"

Depends. As part of the program, when you place a personal order, some of your items may be free in exchange for great images and your unique social media review. But you must first pay for your items. Only after the reviews and your great images are received, will you receive a full refund on the approved purchased items. (more details in ambassador welcome letter) You may also receive packages in the mail with merchandise we have personally prepared for you. You dont have to pre-pay for these packages.

What are the full perks of becoming an Opulëncė brand ambassador?

  1. Free Merchandise
  2. Social media tags/shoutouts
  3. Opulux Designs Photography sponsored photoshoot(s)

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